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- Season 7 Episode 5 -

Episode 5

There's an explosive situation to deal with as Marnie returns to the house following her nightclub fall-out with Holly and Charlotte. The girls can't deal with Marnie coming back, and the boys are left in shock as a fierce slanging match erupts. Is there any hope that the girls will ever make up? The Geordies head to London to get mortal in the capital, and everyone's wondering if Charlotte's London-based boyfriend Mitch will make a surprise appearance on their big night out. But the partying is destined to end in tears for Charlotte, as events take an unexpected turn and Charlotte and Holly's friendship is left hanging by a thread.

Year started: 2011
IMDB rating: 5.3
Categories: Reality
Stars: Charlotte-Letitia Crosby  Gary Beadle  Holly Hagan  Scott Timlin  Aaron Chalmers  Marnie Simpson  Chantelle Connelly  Nathan Henry  Chloe Etherington  Marty McKenna 

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